Now Offering Five Card Stud

Surprising most in the online poker world, made a comeback earlier this month to the online poker world.  Always known as an innovator in the game of poker, PokerRoom offers perks that other site just don’t offer.

Are you a poker player looking for something new and exciting from the online poker experience? The newly revamped is now offering players the chance to take part in the exciting poker game of Five Card Stud, a game that isn’t even spread in any US poker room and very few online.

New players that aren’t sure about the rules can check out the instructions at to learn the methods that are used to play online, learn the hand rankings and even learn the betting system that is used while playing Five Card Stud at The game of Five Card Stud is one of the original poker games, so it’s only fitting that the game is played at one of the original poker websites that offered players one of the first chances to play real money poker games online.

Though Five Card Stud may seem simple, there are betting techniques that should be learned before taking part in the popular poker game. Learning these techniques can be simple at, as there are free games for players to take part in before they throw real money down on the table and play poker online.

Playing the free games can allow the player to get familiar with the interface of playing poker online, as well as allowing the player to learn the betting schedules and playing techniques that are displayed by other players taking part in the game of Five Card Stud. Getting familiar with the game can be a great way for the player to increase their chances of winning when they finally decide to play for real money and make a deposit to


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Online Betting on Liverpool F.C.

Plenty of Liverpool fans have likely placed a wager on their favorite team from time to time, but many may not know just how easy it is to place their bets at online sportsbooks and football sites. Liverpool has been one of the most successful football clubs in history, so fervent supporters and sportsbettors have had plenty of chances to support their team and make a little extra cash to boot. One advantage of betting online as opposed to at a brick-and-mortar betting shop is that the same account you use to make sports bets can also be used to play poker, bingo, and other casino games.

It can be intimidating to get started with online betting but it’s actually quite simple and requires little more technical know-how than being able to turn your computer on. Online sites walk you through the entire process, and it takes just a few minutes to sign up and create your account. Many online gambling sites offer the option to try out games for free as well as promotions and sweepstakes drawings that don’t require you to deposit any money at all; if you do decide to deposit the process is quick, with multiple methods available to deposit by credit card, online payment service, or bank wire.

If you’re worried about the safety of your money, don’t be. Most online sportsbooks and other gambling sites are offered by large, reputable companies that most go through an extensive regulation and licensing process before they can take a single wager. Many of the top online sportsbetting site such as Ladbrokes, bwin, and William Hill are extensions of brick-and-mortar companies that have been publicly-traded on major stock exchanges for years, so they’re far from some shady back-alley operation that will run off with your money or not promptly pay out your winnings.

Football is a popular option at sportsbooks, so Liverpool fans will have plenty of options ot choose from. One popular option is to get your sports bets in for the day and then hit up the online tables at the poker sites most online gambling firms offer. Poker and sports go hand in hand, appealing to the same general audience, with many sportsbettors finding that the poker tables can be just as enjoyable and profitable. Most sites let you use the same account to play poker, bet on Liverpool, or play a few hands of blackjack, so it’s convenient and easy to try out various games to see which you enjoy the most.


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Big changes at Liverpool for the next season?

After a completely missed season in which Liverpool have not won any trophy, missed Champions League places, and more than that they were close of not reaching Europa League, “The Reds” are preparing a massive change of the squad for the next season in order to reenter into the race for Champions League or even Premier League title.
This would be even more likely if Jun Zhu would buy the club. The only problem is that the asked price seems to be pretty big, €940 millions, compared to real value of the club estimated by the experts at €590 millions.

Although Liverpool fans wanted Chelsea to win the title and begged Benitez to lose the game against them  to destroy any chance  of winning the title for Manchester United, now they turned against him and want the Spanish manager out of Anfield.

Benitez spent €440 millions since he came to Liverpool but failed to win any Premier League title.  He won the Champions League title in that dramatic final at Istanbul against Milan. Anyway that does not matter to much now in the fan hearts.

A separation is possible in the summer, the Spanish technician is wanted at Juventus. Besides him a few star players could leave Anfield with Torres and Gerrard on top of the list.

Chelsea, City and Barcelona want Torres while Gerrard  is on Inter and Real Madrid list. Aquilani is also a target for Juventus who would offer around €12 millions on him.


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