Jamie Carragher to retire at the end of the season

Bad news for Liverpool fans. Jamie Carragher has announced that he will retire at the end of the season.

The 35 years old defender is a legend already in Liverpool. The veteran defender was at Liverpool since he was a child, only 9 years old, and is second in the list of appearance-makers with 723 presences. Ian Callaghan  tops the list.

With Brendan Rodgers as coach, Carra found his playing time limited at Anfield. It is well known that Rodgers is a coach who promotes youngsters into the first team. This is probably one of the reasons why he decided that it’s time to hang out the boots.

With all this said Carragher played the last two Premier League games against Arsenal and Manchester City and he did well. Now even more the Liverpool fans will try to make Carragher change his mind.

Even if he is not playing regularly he is a leader and a role model along with Steven Gerrard. The youngsters have a lot to learn from him.

If he wont change his mind we are all hoping that he will get a role into the coaching staff of the club. It would be a petty to not have him continue with the club he loves.

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